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The CPA Student Awards is an effort of the Young Communicators project, which will increase educational opportunities for young professionals and students and encourage networking with CPA professionals. Current members of the Catholic Press Association have volunteered to judge and provide critiques for all entries in the CPA Student Awards. This program is a valuable opportunity for students to connect to professionals in the field and receive feedback on their work.

Winners of the CPA Student Awards program will be announced in mid-April and will receive an Award Certificate shortly thereafter. Winners are also acknowledged at the Catholic Media Conference in June, on the CPA website and published in The Catholic Journalist.

Updates to 2017 Student Awards Program

By request, we are extending the submission period for the 2017 CPA Student Awards. The submission period will start Tuesday, September 6, 2016 (the day after Labor Day) and end Friday, February 10, 2017. Monday, February 13, 2017 at 9:00am Central Time.

Please note that any student-created articles/photos published during the 2016 calendar year are eligible. You may submit work created after September 6, 2016.

We also divided the 2016 Writing category into separate News Writing and Feature Writing categories.

Cash Prize

For the 2018 CPA Student Awards, the creator(s) best entry of the year will receive $1,000. Details will be released as soon as possible.


Students enrolled full or part time in an accredited university or college may enter the CPA Student Awards. Professors/Advisors may also enter work on behalf of their students.

Entries must be the original work of students published in the school publication or on the publication website in 2016. Classroom assignments or work completed as part of a course requirement are eligible as long as they are published in the publication or on the publication's website. Work does not have to come from a Catholic university/college publication. The work must be in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Entries must follow the criteria outlined in the category descriptions.


Each entry costs $18.00. You may enter multiple items into one category and enter one item into more than one category unless otherwise noted in the awards packet. One item entered into multiple categories constitutes multple entries. Payment deadline is specified in the in the current awards program.

Awards Packet

The Student Awards Packet includes elibility requirements, category descriptions, and submission instructions. The awards packet is typically released in September. Please read awards packet carefully before entering the competition.

Need Assistance?

Consult our FAQ page or contact Elise Freed-Brown at 312-380-6789 with further questions.