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Welcome to the 2024 CMA St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards

The Catholic Media Association invites Students and Alumni Magazines to participate in the 2024 St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards competition. St. Juan Diego is a symbol of evangelization and the messenger of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards honor a wide range of journalistic skills and specialties, encouraging excellence and fostering a vibrant Catholic journalism community.

For Students, the program provides aspiring journalists and media professionals a critique of your work, and introduces you to hundreds of journalism and communications professionals from throughout North America.

This competition is ideal for students looking to become media professionals. Award winners earns recognition that enhances résumés, and potentially earn internships while still in school. Judges evaluate the entry as if it were being submitted to an editor or communications director, and each entry receives a constructive critique.

For Alumni Magazines, this program adds recognition to your work and enhances the visibility of your university and alumni.

Contacts for this program

Kathleen Holloway 

Catholic Media Association 

Currently working remotely 



10 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 875, Chicago IL 60606