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Welcome to the 2019 Book Awards

Our Book Awards program is currently closed. 

In the meantime, please read

 information below.

Also, look back for information on 

our 2019 programs starting in August!!

New to the program:

  • Click here to create an account for CPA Book Awards. 


Both CPA members and non-members may enter the CPA Book Awards. An eligible entrant is an author/editor of a book or the publishing company. The copyright date of each submission must be the previous calendar year, unless entering into the Back List Beauty category.

Schedule and Fees:

The CPA Book Awards typically open in January and close in mid-February. 

Two books must be mailed to the CPA office as part of each submission. These must be postmarked by the stated deadline and arrive the following week.

Each entry costs $36.00 for CPA members and $76.00 for non-members.

An entrant may enter more than one book in the same category and the same book in multple categories. If you enter the same book in multiple categories, that constitutes multiple entries. Please remit payment by the date specified in the current award packet.

For information about joining the CPA, visit our website, email cpaawards@catholicpress.org or call 312-380-6789.

Packet information:

The CPA Book Awards packet details eligibility requirements, submission instructions, and the full list of categories. Each year, the packet is released in the beginning of December. Click here to download the 2018 packet. As this is not the 2019 packet it will give you an idea of what catefories are in the program.