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 Our four programs are currently closed. 

In the meantime, please read

Student Awards program information below.

Also, look back for information on 

our 2019 programs starting in August!!

Who is the contact person for this program?


Kathleen Holloway

Project Coordinator 

Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada 

312.380.6789 | (f) 312.361.0256| www.catholicpress.org 

205 W Monroe Street, Suite 470, Chicago IL 60606

My hours are part time (21hrs/wk). It may take me longer than usual to fulfill requests. Thank you for your patience.

Who is eligible?

Current college/university students may submit their own original work that was published in the school publication or on the publication's website. Professors/advisors may enter the CPA Student Awards on behalf of their students.

It is not required for the student author/creator to attend a Catholic college/university. Student work must be in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

When can I submit entries?

The submission period for the 2019 CPA Student Awards usually starts early October and runs through the first week February.

How much does it cost to enter?

The CPA Student Awards cost $18 per entry. Please submit payment by the date specified in the current awards packet.

How do I submit an entry?

 When the submission period is open, you may Click this link to start a submission. Click "Make Another Application" then select the contest of your choice. Fill out the forms as prompted. You can save your information and complete your application later, or complete your entry and add it to your cart. You can edit entries that are incomplete or in your cart.

Once you pay for your entries, you cannot edit them on your own. We recommend that you keep all of you entries in your cart until you have checked them, then make one payment when you are finished with your submissions. This process will help eliminate incorrect, duplicate, and missing submissions from your organization.

How do I edit entries?

Click "My Applications" to view all of your submissions. For incomplete entries, click "Edit." For entries in your cart, click "Make Changes." If your entries are complete (paid for), contact Kathleen at cpaawards@catholicpress.org or call 312-380-6789 to make adjustments.

After I upload my file, I see the words "NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE" instead of an image. Is something wrong?

Nothing is wrong. The file has uploaded and it is available for download. Judges will be able to view the file during the judging period and the general public will be able to view the file if it is posted in the winner's gallery. If you don't see a preview of the file, it is likely because the file is large and a preview could not be generated during the upload. You may upload a smaller file instead to see a preview.

To change the file on incomplete entries, click the "Edit" button. For complete entries, contact Kathleen at cpaawards@catholicpress.org or call the CPA office at 312-380-6789 for assistance.

Where can I find a list of categories?

A list of categories is available in the CPA Student Awards Packet. Click here to view the 2018 awards packet.

I'm not sure if my item is appropriate for this category. How can I find out?

If you have read the category description and you are still not sure that it's the right category for your item, please contact Kathleen at cpaawards@catholicpress.org or call 312-380-6789. If necessary, we will refer your question to the Awards Committee, which will make a recommendation.

Do I need to submit files in a certain format?

We ask for PDF format for articles and photos, but we can accept any file type. If sending a file type other than a PDF works better for you, please do! We accept videos in any format.

If we cannot open a file, we will reach out to you to for a different file format.

Is there a size limit on files?

Yes. We limit file size to 20 MB.

Need Additional information?

If you need further assistance, please contact Kathleen at

cpaawards@catholicpress.org or call 312-380-6789.